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Fire Detection


Suppression System
Cerberus FIT
Reliable, Intelligent, and Cost-efficient Fire Detection
Flexible panels, reliable detectors, and a range of peripheral devices - Cerberus FIT comprises all you need for comprehensive fire detection.

A Smart Solution for Fire Protection
Fire protection is all about protecting people and assets as well as securing business processes and continuity. With Cerberus FIT, we offer reliable and cost-efficient fire protection for various applications.
Cerberus ECO
ECO product range Smart and designed for simple installation and maintenance
Cerberus ECO has adopted simple installation, maintenance and operation design concepts for the products and system that take into account the complete working cycle of installers and users.

Powerful Networking
Cerberus ECO installation grows with you. So should you want to extend or convert your building.
Cerberus PRO - EN
Ensuring Comprehensive Safety with Powerful Panels
Cerberus PRO fire control panels combine high security standards with the latest technology. Competitive for simple applications, yet powerful enough for every application - the are the ideal choice whatever the size and complexity of your project.

Creating very large and complex networks
With Cerberus PRO, you can protect very large and complex campus facilities.
Cerberus PRO - UL
Fire control panels with or without voice - scalable to meet your requirements
The Cerberus PRO control panel portfolio offers fast, reliable fire detection, intelligent emergency communication capability, and complete operator control, making them the perfect solution fit for all types of facilities.

The Cerberus PRO Intelligent Voice Communication System is a cost-effective solution for buildings that would normally use only horn appliances for audible signalling.
Sinorix - Intelligent Extinguishing solutions to keep fire virtual
Our Intelligent Sinorix solutions protect people, environment, and processes : They offer you advanced technologies, based on long-term know how of a global partner in fire detection and extinguishing. The comprehensive portfolio for room and object protection comprises solutions with natural or chemical extinguishing agents, gas/water-combined as well as water mist solutions.
Cerberus PACE
(Public Address and Controlled Evacuation)
Moving people out of harm's way in case of an emergency is largely a matter of communication, with vocal instructions being far more effective than mere visual and sound alarms. This is why public address and voice alarm (PA/VA) systems in these buildings aren't just a useful tool for anouncements, entertainment or live moderation but an integral part of the safety infrastructure.

With Cerberus PACE, you can cover all your PA/VA needs with a single solution.
Desigo CC
Desigo CC sets new building management standards
Desigo CC is the latest building management platform from Siemens. Powerful, new patented functionalities and capabilities provide optimal control of your ability. A global team of experts designed the user interface and workflow concepts for maximum efficiency.

Desigo CC gives you a comfortable, easy and efficient approach to operate, monitor, supervise, optimize and manage your facility. Desigo CC also ensures and prepares your installed systems for future migrations.